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My name is Marieke Bink and I am a world citizen. I have lived and worked in several countries and regions in the world in different capacities. As a former nurse with a Master Health Sciences I have been able to work in different healthcare settings, from homecare to nursing homes and hospitals in different capacities, as a nurse, caremanager as well as interim-manager and change-consultant. During my work I have always been very interested in the people I was working with and how to help them to reach their full potential. I have always believed that part of health is your own spirit and mind. I have practised Reiki for a long time, just for myself and my very close relatives and friends. Though by becoming a Reiki Master and Mindfulness Coach in the last years, I decided to use my talents and skills to start creating a better world within my circle of influence. With Chakana Coaching and Consultancy I combine different techniques to help you and your business grow on different levels. 

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To support people to find, grow and use their own energy. If we are able to find the power in ourselves, and we will be able to bring our talents to full growth. And with all our talents together we can create a difference within our circle of influence. And thus we can strive for a better world for our children.

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